Organic Rose wonder Fertilizer

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Rose wonder Fertilizer 

1. specialy for rose plant,
2. fast booming 
3. healt booster,

The 10 salient features of SRIVARNA Organics ROSE Soil Manure & Fertilzier (SORS) 

Rose wonder helps to keep the optimum balance of air, water & temperature in the soil.

Rose wonder helps to improve the structure of soil

Rose wonder imparts Natural Luster to the plants & flowers and making the plants are more attractive & healthy.

Rose wonder fights with some of the disease producing germs and harmful insects to some extent.

Rose wonder has a longer life. Rose Mix does not get spoiled over storage if kept in cool dry place or well packed. 

Nutrients of Rose wonder do not get easily drained out but they check other soil nutrients to be drained out.

No Harmful side effects on the plants, if used slightly more or less. 


A fine selection of composted organic materials. 


Packing : 1 kg