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DAP (Diammonium phosphate)

N:P:K Phosphate Fertilizer (18:46:0)


Diammonium phosphate (DAP) is one of a series of water-soluble ammonium phosphate salts. Most common fertilizers contain phosphate, which is an essential nutrient for stimulating root growth and plant health. DAP is a widely applied phosphorous fertilizer.

Phosphate is a key ingredient in many fertilizers that aids in plant development and helps plants store and transfer energy.  DAP is produced by combining 1 mole of phosphoric acid with 2 moles of ammonia. The addition of ammonia to the mixture creates nitrogen, which is another beneficial ingredient in common fertilizers. In most cases, additional nitrogen helps grow greener, faster-growing plants. 

DAP contains 18 percent nitrogen and 46 percent phosphate. The additional nitrogen in DAP can boost plant growth. So that your plants can soak in the nutrients during the growing season.

Application: 1/2 tsp in one litre water every 15 days.

Important Information: DAP fertilizer has a pH of about 8, which makes it a strong alkaline.  Plants that prefer acidic soils may not benefit from DAP fertilizer.

Specifications : Brown Granule 
Total Nutrient (N+P2O5) : 64% MIN 
Effective (P2O5) : 46% Min 
Total Nitrogen : 18% Min 
Water soluble P2O5 : 87% Min 
Free water : 2.5% Max 
Size (2-4mm) : 90% Min